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Clear Building Management becomes RICS regulated

Clear Building Management becomes RICS regulated
25th May 2017 Editor

Clear Building Management has secured RICS accreditation, giving existing and potential customers extra confidence in its professional standards and ethical approach to residential building management.RICS accreditation for Clear Building Management

RICS (the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors) promotes and enforces the highest professional qualifications and standards in the development and management of land, real estate, construction and infrastructure.

Securing the accreditation is a further point of difference for Clear Building Management, as Director Peter McCabe, explains:

“Professional and ethical standards are at the heart of the RICS code – something that chimes firmly with the values of quality, excellence and transparency that run through everything we do at Clear Building Management.

“Firms that are regulated by RICS are required to follow its Rules of Conduct. Being regulated by RICS means that our customers – the leaseholders, RMC directors and residents in the developments we manage – can be assured of the five key principles of the RICS code, namely that we will:

  • Give you clear, impartial and expert advice

  • Act in your interest

  • Follow strict rules of conduct, including having in place professional indemnity insurance to protect you

  • Have a specific set of rules and best practice guidance to ensure we provide exceptional service

  • Regularly update our skills and knowledge, so you can rely on our expertise.”

Accredited firms are monitored and assessed each year on their adherence to the standards through an annual RICS compliance audit.

In August 2016, Clear Building Management became the first managing agent to secure the Cabinet Office Award for Customer Service Excellence in recognition of its open, transparent and customer-focused approach.

“Managing agents often promise the earth, by putting ourselves forward for a rigorous annual assessment, we can however give our customers and potential customers additional confidence that we will continue to deliver on our promise of the highest standards and in their best interests” added Peter.

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