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Resident Management Companies (RMCs)

As an RMC director, you know when it’s time to bring a new lease of life to your block and its community.

Are you dealing with a lack of communication, spiralling costs and poor standards of maintenance? You shouldn’t have to be. Clear Building Management has helped many RMC directors of large and/or complex blocks to escape from poor service – and it’s almost always far less hassle than you’d think.

Clear offers a total building management service, bespoke to your development’s needs and priorities, that allows you to step back from the day-to-day management whilst remaining confident that your block is in safe hands.

What we offer

Crystal clear technology

Crystal is our powerful, bespoke property management solution that has RMC directors’ and leaseholders’ needs at its heart. With 24/7 online access, you can check on maintenance issues, review the latest accounting information or surf the social network for events or news.

Transparent spending and an affordable service charge

We don’t employ our own tradespeople – to us, that feels like a conflict of interests – and we voluntarily publish all our fees and any out of contract charges for complete transparency. You can be certain that we are not earning by spending your funds; we won’t ever charge you “invoicing fees” or extra for banking, using our online portal, or accessing our 24-hour support.

‘One signature switch’

At Clear, we offer a very simple ‘one signature switch’ service. This means that we handle all dealings with the old agent on behalf of RMC directors, including any conflicts and what they can and can’t do until the handover is complete.

24/7, 365 days a year emergency support

Our team is empowered to make sensible decisions locally, providing quick response times to your needs. With our 24/7, 365 days a year emergency support, we are always there for you should an emergency unexpectedly arise.

RMC Directors Academy

The Clear Building Management Directors Academy provides an open forum where best practice and lessons learnt can be shared in a relaxed, social environment. The Academy includes a mixture of online support and face-to-face workshops designed to help you develop as an RMC director and enable you to use your time more effectively and efficiently.

Fully accredited

We are ARMA members, which means we are voluntarily audited to a very high standard on a regular basis. Clear also voluntarily pays for RICS to regulate and audit us, adding additional layers of legal and financial protection for the people we work with.

Customer Service Excellence Plus

Clear has achieved recognition with Customer Service Excellence Plus via an external independent audit every year since we were formed. We live and breathe doing the right thing and we deliver every single time.


Leasehold is what Clear Building Management specialises in – and we follow the rules to the letter, providing a transparent, quality and value driven property management service.

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Right to Manage

We have successfully helped a number of leaseholders, residents and groups through the process to form their own Right to Manage Company.

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Ready to change managing agent?

Clear Building Management offers a fresh approach to larger block management, and we’re proud that we’re making a Clear difference to the communities and homes that we look after. Our residential Property Block Managers cover Manchester, Liverpool, Leeds, Preston, Sheffield, Luton, Dunstable and the surrounding areas.




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