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Our Values

Our Values

Clear Building Management is a residential management agent for larger blocks based in the North West of England. Our property management business is based on three core values: Quality, Value, and Transparency.

What do these values mean in practice to you as a leaseholder, resident or RMC director?


Providing a quality property management service is what drives the team at Clear Building Management. We know that a quality service starts with good communication.

Our state-of-the-art Crystal platform provides our customers with 24/7 access to all information relevant to their development, from the latest financial accounts and maintenance reports and schedules to upcoming social events or local information.

We also provide each block with a dedicated appointed Manager who will care for your development as if it were their own. Not only will they oversee the day-to-day management, they will become part of your community, working with your best interests at the heart of all they do.

Importantly, Clear Building Management only does leasehold. Leasehold is a complex area and it’s what we have deep knowledge and expertise in – as such, we always follow the rules to the letter.


We believe that complete transparency, communication and value for money are key to the residential block management service that Clear Building Management provides. Through our open and transparent accounting and reporting, we provide efficient, cost-effective property management services delivering excellent value for money.

We don’t charge extra for banking, our Crystal portal, or the 24 hour support we offer (a lot of agents hide these costs under spurious headings). We call it all-inclusive pricing.

In a similar vein, many agents nowadays charge “invoicing fees” or ask suppliers to load invoices. We have never done this and never will – and our suppliers can testify to this. With Clear, leaseholders have certainty we are not earning by spending their funds.

Instead, we maximise our local knowledge, supported by our national expertise, to provide bespoke residential development management services that work for you, finding appropriate solutions to control costs in the short, mid and long term.


Building trust and developing honest relationships with our customers is our number one priority and we believe these are achieved through complete transparency of our property management operations.

Through our online portal, Crystal, you have 24/7 access to all your account and building information including all maintenance items, invoices and quotes and financial forecasting. We publish all our fees and any out of contract charges openly for complete transparency. Anything from cost of management packs to debt collection is all published and available to view.

We use approved, independent local contractors and specialist tradesmen, selected on value for money and quality of service, providing our customers with total piece of mind that their best interests are being delivered at best value. We also do not own our own Insurance Broker as a means of dodging commission disclosure. Many large agents do!

To add additional layers of legal and financial protection for our clients, we have voluntarily paid RICS to regulate and audit us to demonstrate our commitment to the highest possible standards. We are also ARMA members, and Clear is one of just a few managing agents accredited by the LKP as working only in the interests of leaseholders.

“Clear Building Management have proven to be capable of dealing with complex issues in-house that we would inevitably have had to pay for professional advice separately, and are in a position to negotiate good deals with competent and capable contractors to deal with the structural issues and with our Japanese knot-weed issues. Above all, I am most impressed that all of the above has been undertaken with a very light touch, with minimal input necessary from the CRMCL directors, and in a manner that has started to pull the estate out of the dreadful abyss into which it had sunk without affecting the daily lives of the residents or leaseholders, and which will permit the future sale of the properties with no problems.” –

Richard Lord, Director, Chestnut Rise Management Company Ltd.

Do our values align with yours?

Clear Building Management offers a fresh and clear approach to building management. Our residential Property Block Managers cover Manchester, Liverpool, Leeds, Preston, Sheffield, Luton, Dunstable and the surrounding areas.



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