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Leasehold is what Clear Building Management specialises in – and we follow the rules to the letter, providing a transparent, quality and value driven property management service.

As a leaseholder, you should expect no less.

Leaseholders are often led to believe that changing managing agent is a difficult, complex and time consuming task. It isn’t and, in some cases, just one leaseholder can effect a positive change and have a new agent appointed who will handle the transfer. Are you ready to change managing agents?

What we offer

Honesty and integrity

As a leaseholder making a financial contribution to the upkeep of your block, you should be entitled to a say in the way your service charge monies are spent. But if an agent has its own maintenance team to keep busy, how can you be sure you’re getting the best value for money? To us, this feels like a conflict of interests, potentially an incentive to spend other people’s money, and is therefore something we deliberately avoid.

Financial transparency

At Clear, we voluntarily publish all our fees and any out of contract charges openly for complete transparency. Leaseholders also have certainty that we are not earning by spending their funds. We won’t ever charge “invoicing fees” or extra for banking, using our online portal, or accessing our 24-hour support. We call this all-inclusive pricing.

Fully accredited

We are ARMA members, which means we are voluntarily audited to a very high standard on a regular basis. Clear also voluntarily pays for RICS to regulate and audit us, adding additional layers of legal and financial protection for the people we work with.

Customer Service Excellence Plus

Clear has achieved recognition with Customer Service Excellence Plus via an external independent audit every year since we were formed. We live and breathe doing the right thing and we deliver every single time.


‘One signature switch’

At Clear, we offer a very simple ‘one signature switch’ service. This means that we handle all dealings with your old agent, including any conflicts and what they can and can’t do until the handover is complete.

Specialist knowledge and expertise

Leasehold is a complex area. Unfortunately, this means a lot of leaseholders are unaware when things are done wrong or fail to see the possible consequences of a relatively minor slip. Leasehold is what Clear specialises in and we follow the rules to the letter, so you know your development is in safe hands with us.

Help exploring your options

There are several ways that Clear can support you as an individual leaseholder. From helping you understand the role of your RMC to deciding if Right to Manage (RTM) is an option for you. We can also investigate and compare the viability of alternative solutions, including “Appointing a Manager” through the Property Tribunal.

We support leasehold reform

As one of just a few managing agents accredited by the Leasehold Knowledge Partnership as working only in the interests of leaseholders, we fully support the touted reforms for introducing common-hold. Clear has only ever worked for resident led management companies, not freeholders. It enables to us avoid the conflict of interest of having to answer to landowners not leaseholders.

Services for RMCs

We understand the pressures faced by RMC directors; we know you work hard on behalf of your fellow leaseholders and need a property management company you can trust.

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Right to Manage

We have successfully helped a number of leaseholders, residents and groups through the process to form their own Right to Manage Company.

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Ready to change managing agent?

Clear Building Management offers a fresh and clear approach to building management. Our residential Property Block Managers cover Manchester, Liverpool, Leeds, Preston, Sheffield, Luton, Dunstable and the surrounding areas.



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