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At Clear Building Management we understand that, as a leaseholder, you rightly expect a transparent, quality and value driven property management service from your managing agent.

Being a leaseholder in a residential block development can very different to owning a freehold property. With freehold you have sole responsibility and control over all aspects of the upkeep of your home. As a leaseholder in a residential block the responsibility and control over many aspects of the upkeep of your development are shared between you and the other leaseholders within the block.

Those who pay should have the say…

As a leaseholder who is making a financial contribution to the upkeep of the block you are entitled to a say in the way your development is run and your service charge monies are spent.  With busy lives it can sometimes be a challenge to ensure that your voice is heard and that you receive the level of service that you expect from you managing agent.

There are a number of ways we can help you as an individual leaseholder. From helping you understand the role of your resident management company (RMC) to deciding if Right to Manage (RTM) is an option for you.

Helping you take control of how your leasehold property is managed

We can investigate and compare the viability of alternative solutions including “Appointing a Manager” through the Property Tribunal. The Clear Building Management team of block management specialists is available to answer questions and give you honest advice on what you can do to improve your situation.

Whichever route suits your circumstances we will support and assist with the process. Often, the solution is much simpler and closer to home, and many RMCs just need advice and support when selecting the right agent or help in developing the elected Directors to be the best they can in their role representing other owners.

Support for RMC directors

We will help with both and will work with individual RMC directors or entire boards offering training advice and assistance as necessary to facilitate the best representation for leaseholders and solutions to problems.

Building communities

We’re different because we help to build communities; many of the problems faced by flat dwellers such as noise and anti-social behaviour can be reduced by involving all residents in the way the site is run, and engaging with the community about issues affecting their homes.

This inclusive approach helps to ensure that everyone living on the development has a sense of neighbourly responsibility. Of course things will still go wrong and we will always take a firm stance and support leaseholders and residents suffering noise nuisance and anti-social behaviour, engaging with other agencies where necessary.

Changing managing agent

Leaseholders and Resident Management companies are often lead to believe that changing the managing agent is a difficult, complex and time consuming task. It isn’t and we can explain how in some cases even just one leaseholder can effect a positive change and have a new agent appointed who will handle the transfer.

Clear Building Management are different from other managing agents, we believe communication is key. If you have any issues or questions please contact us and we’ll be happy to have a chat about your situation.

The property management services that we provide as standard include but are not limited to the following:

• Setting budgets
• Arranging and monitoring the provision of services
• Arranging insurance and administering claims
• Regularly meeting on site with residents and contractors
• Attendance at AGMs, EGMs and Directors’ Meetings
• Ensuring compliance with health & safety legislation
• Ensuring compliance with company legislation, including filing of accounts and Annual Returns
• Dealing with day-to-day queries from leaseholders and handling solicitors’   enquiries on sales
• Accounting and credit control
• Emergency support, 24 hours a day, 365 days per year

Clear Building Management offers a fresh and clear approach to building management. Our residential Property Block Managers cover Manchester, Liverpool, Leeds, Preston, Sheffield, Newcastle, Birmingham and the surrounding areas.
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