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The first managing agent to be awarded Customer Service Excellence from the UK Cabinet Office!


Clear Building Management have:

  • Taken on board all of our concerns,
  • Made their own appraisal of the estate (and found additional
    items as a result),
  • Created an action plan and a budget that is affordable,
  • Handled issues with diplomacy and tact.

Clear Building Management have proven to be capable of
dealing with complex issues in-house that we would inevitably have
had to pay for professional advice separately, and are in a
position to negotiate good deals with competent and capable
contractors to deal with the structural issues and with our
Japanese knot-weed issues.


Above all, I am most impressed that all of the above has been
undertaken with a very light touch, with minimal input necessary
from the CRMCL directors, and in a manner that has started to pull
the estate out of the dreadful abyss into which it had sunk
without affecting the daily lives of the residents or
leaseholders, and which will permit the future sale of the
properties with no problems.


Richard Lord, Director, Chestnut Rise Management Company Ltd.