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One client, no conflict – Those that pay should have the say

One client, no conflict – Those that pay should have the say
5th December 2017 Peter McCabe

A downward pressure on management fees, together with the growth in new-build leasehold developments, has tempted many managing agents to build their businesses around meeting the needs of freeholders and developers, at the unfortunate expense of leaseholders.

At Clear Building Management we only work for resident-led management companies, serving the interests of those that pay the service charge. We do not act for freeholders or developers.

In other words we firmly believe that “those who pay, should have the say” and we put our money where our mouth is by championing resident led management structures and working exclusively for them.

So why do we exclude this potentially lucrative source of property management work?

Because we believe there is a clear conflict of interest.

The leaseholders pay the bills, but it is often the freeholder who makes the decisions. How can a managing agent act in the best interests of leaseholder and residents if they also have to keep the developer or freeholder happy?

How can leaseholders be confident that their managing agent is delivering a transparent and value for money property management service if there is a freeholder dictating which suppliers and contractors to use or arranging Insurance cover that they themselves don’t contribute to but may well earn income from?

Our mantra is simple, “one client, no conflict”.

As a client of Clear Building Management you can be assured that we only act for leaseholders. Our property management services are free of conflict and always delivered in partnership with residents – and with residents’ best interests in mind.

We demonstrate this by:

• Helping leaseholders take control of their management company either through Right to Manage or the other avenues available to them.

• Working with a completely independent supply of contractors, no cross contamination, no linked companies, and no “referral fees”.

• Publishing all Quotes, Contracts, Invoices and recurring events. Agreeing budgets with residents and ensuring they are fair and affordable

• Building long term trusted partnerships working in your interests alone



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