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Property TV featuring Clear Building Management

Property TV featuring Clear Building Management
23rd September 2016 Editor

Service charges and leasehold buyers: Ian Hollins of Clear Building Management talks to Property TV.

  • What is a service charge?
  • What does my service charge cover and how can I have a say in the cost?
  • Who sets the service charge level and the budgets?
  • How can you balance the interests of resident-owners with buy-to-let investors?
  • What happens if the lift breaks or the roof starts leaking?
  • What should I look out for when buying a flat?
  • What should be covered in my lease?
  • Are we getting value for money from our service charge?
  • If we aren’t getting value for money, what can we do?

Ian Hollins of Manchester-based property management specialists Clear Building Management spoke to SKY TV Property Panorama to answer these questions and others to give valuable advice to both leasehold property buyers and buy-to-let landlords.

Offering a fresh approach to property management, Clear Building Management delivers professional residential development management in a better, more inclusive way ensuring our customers and their needs are at the heart of our operations.

Built on our three core values of Quality, Value and Transparency, we deliver exceptional standards of customer satisfaction and cost-effective solutions to give our customers peace of mind over their property management matters.

We manage developments across the North and Midlands, including our home town of Manchester, plus Liverpool, Preston, Leeds, Sheffield, Newcastle and Birmingham.

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