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How to break the inertia that allows bad service to thrive

How to break the inertia that allows bad service to thrive
17th May 2021 Editor
switching managing agents

Clear Building Management answer some FAQs on switching managing agent and explains why it might not be as much hassle as you’d think.

Most people avoid change, believing it will mean hassle and work – and they’re probably right.

Whether it’s changing energy provider or moving house, making a big change almost always involves time, energy, and a tower of paperwork. It can feel simply be easier to continue enduring the slow pain of something familiar, despite knowing it’s no longer good enough, rather than run the risk of making life more difficult in the short term, even in the knowledge there’s a better deal to be had.

RMC directors know when a managing agent has run its course, and they also understand the everyday impact that a poor service can have on residents’ lives.  But, as well as the hassle of it all, changing your property management company can also feel like a big risk: what if the new agent doesn’t deliver on their promises? This fear of change, and the worry that they will be blamed if the new agent doesn’t work out, is often enough to dissuade directors from taking any active steps to help better the situation for everyone involved.

However, if you work with a supportive managing agent that is committed to helping you to escape poor service, the rewards gained from switching managing agent will almost always outweigh the difficulty of the process.

  1. Does switching managing agent take a long time?

Despite knowing the benefits of switching, like improved service or reduced cost, the effort it takes to move everything over can be a key reason why poor service is allowed to continue. Directors worry the process of switching will be simply too time consuming, particularly with larger blocks.

But a good managing agent will handle this all for you. During the selection process, your new agent should be able to reassure you from the outset that they will make the handover process as painless as possible, provide a smooth transition for your block – no matter its size – and that business will continue as normal.

At Clear Building Management, our ‘one signature switch’ process means we take care of all the administration, from informing the outgoing management company, to overseeing changes in utility contracts. Directors retain the control and the decision making, but are freed of the paperwork and stress – all documents and arrangements sorted with just a single signature.

  1. How can you get leaseholders and tenants on board?

Where possible, the new managing agent should engage with leaseholders and tenants throughout the handover process.  If residents feel their ideas will be listened to, we find they are far more likely to be engaged with your block management plans in the long term.

Communications must be focused, particularly for larger blocks with a higher number of residents, to ensure everyone understands and feels included in any changes. From helping with satisfaction surveys and leafleting, to organising meetings, Clear helps RMC directors to ensure leaseholders and tenants are involved in the conversation throughout the process.

  1. Can you avoid confrontation with your previous managing agent?

When relationships come to an end, particularly those that have become strained, it can be difficult to avoid confrontation. But this is another example of where your new managing agency can step in and take the pain away by having this tricky conversation on your behalf.

All in all, the overriding role of a new managing agent is to listen, understand the historic and current issues, and then to put in place an action plan that will restore the development and gain the faith of all residents.

Clear Building Management is built on the core values of quality, value and transparency, bringing a fresh approach to residential property management.

If you are ready to bring a new lease of life to your block and its community, please get in touch.



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